RTM Biwok EVO Tandem Kayak – Red/Yellow


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The kayaker can adjust the depth of the Biwok’s retractable skeg according to the wind and current to more easily correct its course. The hull remains unchanged and still has good gliding and stability. The deck has been redesigned and has more volume, and the coamings have been enlarged to accommodate the largest of sailors. It is equipped with Hi-Class seats as standard. The BIWOK EVO is the kayak for short or long trips with its high loading capacity.
Front compartment volume: 62 liters – accessible by 1 hatch.
Rear compartment volume: 120 liters – accessible by 1 trap door.


Equipment Included:

• Deckline
• Front deck bungee
• Central deck bungee
• Rear black bungee
• Storage compartments with oval hatch
• HI-CLASS seats
• Carry handles
• Paddle holder bungees
• PU keel
• Pairs of mixed footrests
• Rudder
• Retractable skeg

Length : 530 cm / 17’4
Width : 67 cm / 26.4”
Depth : 35 cm / 13.8”
Weigth : 34 kg / 75 lbs
Max charge : 240 kg / 529 lbs
Cockpit : 92 x 47 cm / 36.2” x 18.5”

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